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About Our Services

Our goal is to provide you with constructive, insightful feedback that will truly help advance your career.

We've kept the cost of our Script Services extremely affordable. So for a price of those script consultants and gurus who charge $250-$750 or more, you can receive expert notes, insights and ideas on your script from industry professionals for only $119.

For the average screenwriter, the usual process is: your submitted screenplay gets sent out for consideration. Upon receipt, the "Executive" in questions assesses whether it is a pass, recommend or consider for their company (normally these assessments are done by a reader or assistant to an executive). The decision to file or advance the script is often times made apparent in the coverage along with valuable critiques and recommendations. Unfortunately, these results are guarded and are never released to the writer. In the film industry, once your script has been read, these results stay on file, and even with a rewrite, most will never get a second look. With our scripts analysis, you increase your chances of getting a pass rating by getting the necessary feedback now, which allows you to make your corrections before submitting it, and giving you the best opportunity at yes!

How It Works

With a comprehensive Script Analysis order, you receive an industry scorecard, plus 4-5 pages of written development notes designed to help you improve all critical technical elements as well as target the overall marketability of your script. Our coverage intends to make the most out of your script, and make it as marketable as possible.

When you fill out our submission form, you'll have the opportunity to submit the script you wish, along with the log line. Once you've submitted your work, click the add to cart button, and once your submission is sent and paid you should receive your coverage in 5-7 days.