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My Father's Joy

Executive Summary
The purpose of this business plan is to outline an actionable course for the successful completion, marketing, and distribution of the feature length motion picture, My Father's Joy.

The Story
My Father's Joy is the story of Abby, a seemingly normal, bubbly 12 year old girl. She and her mother KAREN move to a new town, and Abby makes fast friends with the neighbor boy, LUCAS. However, when she witnesses her new friend get bullied, things take a turn for the worst. Abby kidnaps one of the young boys, and offers the captive to Lucas. He’s hesitant to accept her gift, and even more so when she kills the bully in cold blood. Shaken, but not sure what to do, Lucas now must choose whether to cover up for his only friend, or do the right thing, and he needs to decide before Abby decides to kill again...

The Production Team is in the process of securing Letters of Intent (LOI) from talent for the main roles of ABBY, LUCAS, THE

STRANGER and KAREN. For smaller roles, Letters of Intent from strong character actors are being pursued through agency packaging. A-list talent are being sought for both bankability and marketing awareness. Details on talent being approached can be found in the Cast section of this plan.

The financial requirement for this plan is $600,000.

$600,000 will provide for the development, production, and post-production deliverables for the film. The structure allows for both a traditional distribution path of an acquisition deal as well as a self-motivated release strategy of the film.

The Production Team is in discussions to attach strong international sales representation to present My Father's Joy globally at major film markets.

Advising on the content presentation, casting, marketing, and sales positioning, My Father's Joy can avoid the typical pitfalls of indie sales.

The budget for the proposed film has been designed with the financial return in mind. The return strategy is based on a practical plan for accessing traditional thriller markets. Additionally, The Production team will target adult audiences that recognize the value of a sub-pop underground cult film. Theatrical, Video on Demand (VOD) for internet and cable, DVD/blu-ray, broadcast, and foreign distribution outlets will be pursued—each with specific intent. 

other works in progress

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Letters of Intent
    •    Abby - Madison Mae
    •    Lucas - Jonah Hwang
    •    The Stranger - Johnny Rey Diaz

current projects