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Terms and Conditions

As the authorized representative for the above-mentioned script, I accept the conditions and rules described on this entry form. I attest to the fact that this screenplay submission has not been optioned or purchased, and is not in current production or post-production. Should the optioning, purchasing, or production status of the script change, I will contact Buga Screenplay Competition immediately in writing to have the script removed from competition. 

If this script is selected as a finalist and / or prize winner of the Buga Screenplay Competition, I grant Buga Films the right to use all writers' names and likenesses in conjunction with the promotion of the B.U.G.A. Screenplay Competition without additional / any competition. This includes, but not limited to, listing of finalists and prize winners on the Buga Films website; in Buga Films press releases and media coverage surrounding the screenplay competition. 

Submitting to the B.U.G.A. Screenplay Competition is for competition purposes only and does not mean that Buga Films, its employees, sponsors, or anyone associated with Buga Films will represent, produce, promote, or fund any project whatsoever. Buga Films is not responsible for lost screenplays.